the most beautiful thing to witness / 

with tears in her eyes and still struck with surprise molly asked juan "wait! are you sure?!" to which juan replied: "molly, are you freaking kidding me?! this is the most sure i've been about anything in my entire life! of course i want to marry you!" the picture below is what happened directly after /

juan planned everything so that molly would feel and know how loved she was. he made sure all of their family was there- including her family who lives 12 hours away. he wanted a photographer, a perfectly beautiful intimate space, he wanted her to feel her best, so she got pampered and her hair and makeup done. when he asked to marry her he listed all of his most favorite things about her. and when they went to facetime her parents to tell them the happy news they rushed in to hug her. they went to celebrate with family at a local restaurant and after came back to ANOTHER surprise of all of her friends waiting to celebrate and share the most beautiful blessings over them. these two are the real deal and we're all better people because of how they love and celebrate others.