Rob + Cecily- you two are full of love and light. what an honor and pleasure it was to be apart of something so special. 


i can’t believe this is my life. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! your life, your people. a total celebration of your love! more weddings that are a true reflection of your love, less that follow the 'rules'.

these two are the best out there.

huge thank you to Joslyn Schmutte for second shooting with me!!


this was an extra special Dear Stories for me! cassie is my sister and it was fun to pamper her before meeting her sweet little babe!



you. guy. getting ready in the woods. a beautiful intimate ceremony by the lake. dinner served by the bride and groom. could it be any more special?!

i have never been a part of something that was so intentional and personal as this wedding. these friends are some of my favorite and their wedding was overfilled with so much love. every part of the day was centered around who they were as a couple & every moment of it was so relaxed and focused on the love they have for each other and the love for the community of family and friends surrounding them. congratulations you two, thankful for you both.