this is who i am, at the core of it all /

documentary wedding photographer and story-teller; based in lincoln, neb and available world-wide.

i'm a firm believer in vulnerability, art and story, human connection, love, beauty, and following your gut. 

how it all came to be /

i was the introspective, creative, awkward, one-friend-instead-of-many kid who ended up getting placed in a beginning photography class my freshman year of high school. mr. christensen taught us about light and lines and how to make pinhole cameras and develop our own black and white film. i would spend hours after school in the dark room developing my film and fell in love with the process and art of it all. a spark ignited in me when i was 15 with that Pentax camera and while i shoot digital now, the fire has only grown and i haven't stopped creating since. i went to college for two years with the intention of being an elementary teacher but ended up dropping out to tell stories and document love instead.  

i am very into chipotle, NPR, sunlit rooms, taking walks in the middle of the day, board games, pear moscow mules, ben howard, fresh cut flowers, the enneagram (i'm a 4!!!!), chocolate chip cookies, local coffee shops, and impulsive travels. i’m very not into condiments, know-it-alls, and birds. i believe in love and people and i am positive that everyone has a story that is worth telling. i fell in love with this art in the back of that small high school dark room and now i get the opportunity to tell stories and share them with the world. i know that this is what i was created to do, and i would not change a thing.

my work is raw and photojournalistic in approach; i strive for it to be vulnerable and honest. my focus and priority is on candid emotion over any specific pose, portrait set-up, or timeline. i am more interested in becoming your friend than a removed vendor you feel vaguely uncomfortable around. I can guarantee that i will use “too many” exclamation points in our emails, cry at your vows, and put down my camera to dance with you to beyonce.